Mary is amazing to deal with. I have a bad back and neck and I needed a rush out to the westside as it was gonna snow the same day and it would have been a terrible mess. She was all the way out by Rutland Bench area and rushed over to my house in West Kelowna just to help me out. She has some of the best customer service around, she really goes over and above for her clients. If you need any help with your yard for you and your furry friends I would highly recommend. We have two Bernese Mountain dogs so it is no small task when left for too long!! Thanks Mary for your dedication to what you do!!

Laura Weir
West Kelowna

Mary looked after my yard picking up after my big goofy Doberman. Where do I start here, well I guess it would be that she truly cares about your dogs. Our dog got sick, and Mary immediately notified us that she thought something was wrong because his stool changed. Then when we lost him her compassion for our loss was real. She not only showed up with flowers and a card but she had a rock painted for him of his beautiful face. We were flabbergasted by the level of her compassion for our loss. It's rare to find someone that cares this much about YOUR PET. I would recommend her to anyone who doesn't have time to pick up what your pets leave behind. She goes above and beyond any expectation you would have, she did for us and she will for you.

Nicky Hazle